Introduction to Securing your AWS cloud

From Friday, October 21, 2022 5:00 PM
to Friday, October 21, 2022 6:30 PM


Open online activity


OTEAcademy, as an Official AWS Training Partner, is conducting the AWS Discovery Day - Introduction to Securing your AWS Cloud, a free online event designed for security and IT technical professionals. Whether you are thinking of migrating to the AWS Cloud or already have a workload running on AWS, securing your data and resources should be at the top of the list. This event introduces several AWS services that you can use to improve your current security posture. It also covers the different security design principles that will help you to plan your security approach in the AWS Cloud and provides information on resources you can use to further your knowledge around security on AWS.

Key topics covered objectives 

During this event, you will learn:

           How AWS services help you modernize, unify, and innovate your data infrastructure

           How to use AWS services to provide secure and well-governed access to data

           How to innovate with AI/ML by harnessing your data with built-in ML


Intended Audience

This event is intended for:

           IT business-level professionals interested in cloud security practices

           Security professionals with minimal working knowledge of AWS


Theofanis Katsiaounis, Authorized AWS Instructor

Event outline

Section 1: Security design principles

           Principle of least privilege


           Securing all layers

           Automating security

           Protecting data in transit and at rest

           Preparing for security events

           Minimizing attack surface

Section 2: What is your security posture?






           Data path

Section 3: What are my next steps?

           Resources to continue learning


Friday, 21st October 2022


    Higher Education Post graduate students Employed adults Unemployed adults

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