Coding@Home – video tutorials


Coding@Home is a collection of short videos, do-it-yourself materials, puzzles, games, and coding challenges for everyday use in the family as well as at school. You do not need any previous knowledge or electronic devices to do the activities. The activities will stimulate computational thinking and cultivate the skills of pupils, parents and teachers at home or in school.

EU Code Week’s Coding@Home series builds on the “Coding in famiglia” initiative of the University of Urbino and the CodeMOOCnet Association in cooperation with Rai Cultura. Alessandro Bogliolo is the Professor of Information Processing Systems at the University of Urbino, Italian EU Code Week ambassador and coordinator of all ambassadors as well as member of the Governing Board of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

If you are interested in more unplugged activities, or activities in different programming languages, robotics, micro:bit etc., check out the EU Code Weeks “Learning Bits” with video tutorials and lesson plans for primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools. Also have a look at the EU Code Week resources page for learners and teachers.