Our values

EU Code Week value statement

EU Code Week is a movement run by volunteers – ambassadors, leading teachers and coding enthusiasts around the world. It is supported by the European Commission and education ministries in the European Union and Western Balkan countries.

At the heart of EU Code Week is the community of volunteer activity organisers who are teachers, mentors, coding clubs, libraries, private companies, parents and non-governmental organisations. They dedicate their time, energy and skills to bring computational thinking, coding, robotics, tinkering with hardware, computer science and digital skills at large to as many people as possible in Europe and around the world.

EU Code Week is also its millions of participants, who are people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, cultures and skill sets from across the world.

We are proud to be EU Code Week. These are our values. They guide our work and decisions at all times.

Watch EU Code Week ambassadors’ videos on our values

1. EU Code Week is independent

EU Code Week is a volunteer-driven community. We do not act out of economic interest. We respect and value other people’s ideas, beliefs and cultures. We take part in EU Code Week, because we believe in the importance of what we are doing. That is our strength. We want to make computational thinking, coding, programming, computer science, robotics, tinkering with hardware and digital skills at large accessible to everybody.

2. EU Code Week is for everyone

Everyone can organise EU Code Week activities. We understand that it is essential for EU Code Week events to be organised for everyone regardless of their age, colour, gender, cultural background or intellectual capabilities. Activities can be an entrance point to trigger interest and curiosity or help develop skills even further. Equality, respect, freedom and inclusiveness are our principles. We want all participants to experience and create with technology in a fun way.

3. EU Code Week is glocal

EU Code Week has the ambition to reach you regardless if you live in a big city, regional capital or remote village. We put particular attention on supporting local organisers with materials in their language and fit to their needs. The EU Code Week map is the key tool where every activity is registered and has a precise location. At the same time, EU Code Week is global and welcomes people from all over the world into its community. We are “glocal”.

4. EU Code Week is about cooperation

Members of the EU Code Week community interact, exchange information, learn from each other and construct knowledge together. We are connected and supportive of one another. We share resources, ideas and best practices. We encourage partnerships and knowledge sharing.

The EU Code Week 4 All challenge aims to build bridges across borders and communities. It helps to spread the positive energy and connects people who can learn from each other.

5. EU Code Week is non-profit

All Code Week activities are non-profit. All resources on the EU Code Week website are free. All EU Code Week training and online courses are free.

6. EU Code Week encourages innovation

New ideas are always welcome. EU Code Week encourages innovation, creativity and forward looking thinking. We are open and thankful to receive feedback and criticism so we can make informed decisions and develop EU Code Week. Even failures will make us grow, as individuals, and as a community.

7. EU Code Week is thank-full to its community

We are thankful for the support of teachers, coaches and other activity organisers, students, parents, code clubs and all partners we work with. We all share the same goal. We want to bring computational thinking, coding, computer science and digital skills at large to as many people as possible.