EU Code Week Podcasts

EU Code Week Podcasts

Welcome to the EU Code Week Podcast Series. We bring coding, computational thinking, robotics and innovation closer to you, your community and your school. Join Eugenia Casariego and Arjana Blazic as they explore a range of topics, from media literacy to robotics, with the help of expert guests – to empower you to equip your students with the skills to confront the challenges and opportunities posed by a digital future.
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EU Code Week Train-the-Trainer sessions: how to plan them, and why?

In this episode, we shed light on EU Code Week’s local teacher training sessions. Eugenia is joined by Maria Tsapara, a teacher from Greece, and James Callus, head of Digital Media Literacy at the Ministry of Education in Malta. They are both leading teachers, which means they are responsible for developing their local communities of teachers to bring innovation to classrooms.

What is Codeweek ?

To learn more about Code Week, Maha and Eugenia are joined by Annika Ostergren Pofantis, from the European Commission, and Tommaso Dalla Vecchia, from the European Schoolnet. They are both instrumental to the current and past successes of Code Week, so are able to offer a unique insight into the role, and future, of EU Code Week.

How to break the code of fake news?

In this episode, Teá Horvatic and Marijana Smolcec, both teachers from Croatia, explain the basics of media literacy and why its importance is growing. Together with Eugenia and Arjana, they describe methods of teaching media literacy to students in ways that are engaging and exciting.

Connecting coding with poetry

This episode sees Arjana and Eugenia discuss digital poetry and Internet art with Jaka Železnikar, an author and artist from Slovenia. They learn about the connection between literature and digital technology and provide tips on how to teach this to your students in an engaging way.

Combining coding with the arts

In this episode, Eugenia and Arjana are joined by Artur Coelho, a Portuguese ICT teacher. They explore the ways through which coding can be used for artistic creation, like through robotics and 3D printing.

Uses of game design and gamification

In order to learn more about game design and gamification and their potential uses in the classroom, Arjana and Eugenia invite Ollie Bray, the Strategic Director of Education Scotland, to join them on the EU Code Week podcast series. They explore the uses of gamification in school, and why its use in education is more relevant than ever.

Introducing digital skills in the classroom

Arjana and Eugenia learn about digital skills in this episode, with guests Angela Jafarova and Elchin Jafarov from Latvia who are the founders of Datorium, a coding school in Riga. They answer questions such as: what are digital skills; how can you prepare your students for the future; and what will be the most important digital skill in the future?

Introducing EU Code Week: past, present, future

Our guest in this episode is Alessandro Bogliolo, a computer science professor at the University of Urbino and an ambassador for Code Week in Italy. He has been involved in Code Week from the start, and with Eugenia and Arjana, he discusses the importance of Code Week’s initiatives and their impact on education in Europe.