CodeWeek Santander (tecnología para todos)

From Tuesday, October 13, 2015 4:00 PM
to Saturday, October 17, 2015 2:00 PM

Distrito Beta, Coworking Center


Calle Río de la Pila, 2, 39003 Santander, Cantabria, España

Actividades prácticas de programación, robótica e impresión 3d para todos: 1. Introducción al Desarrollo web (HTML, CSS) - Jueves 15 (16.00 a 20.00 h) - Facultad de Ciencias (UC) 2. Introducción a la Programación con Processing (*) - Martes 13 (16.00 a 20.00 h) - Distrito Beta 3. Taller de Robótica con Arduino. - Viernes 16 (16.00 a 20.00 h) - Distrito Beta 4. Diseño e impresión 3d, con SketchUp (*) - Martes 13 (18.30 a 20.00) - FabLab Santander - Miércoles 14 (16.00 a 20.00) - FabLab Santander Especial Sábado: Taller de programación para niños. - Sábado 16 (10.00 a 12.00) - Distrito Beta Colaboración: - FabLab Santander ( - Iberobotics ( - Norsip Soluciones ( - ConMasFuturo ( - Facultad de Ciencias (Universidad de Cantabria) (*) Talleres que requieren aportar el propio PC portatil

    Elementary school students High school students Graduate students Post graduate students Unemployed adults
    Basic programming concepts Web development Robotics Hardware Playful coding activities Visual/Block programming 3D printing
    #arduino #grafaton3d #robotica #html

Nearby upcoming activities:

Programamos en San Juan Ikastetxea

Sun, Oct 4, 2020 9:00 AM

Durante el mes de octubre -los alumnos/as de 5º- y durante todo el tercer trimestre -el alumnado de 6º de primaria- , realizarán diferentes actividades para aprender a escribir código mediante: bloques; en, animaciones, minecraft) y Scratch(pequeños videojuegos) o lenguaje python y javascript en Code combat.

Visiting the Autism Centre in Burgos

Mon, Oct 22, 2018 12:00 PM

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have programed a Scratch game to show their centre. Users must follow instructions in order to get some items. Along the way they will discover the facilities, such as the relaxation room, the spa or the room in which they train and develop their projects for the First Lego League and other competitions on robotics and technology.

Everything can be recycled except the earth

Sat, Oct 10, 2020 7:00 AM

Learning to code helps us understand the rapidly changing world around us, broaden our horizons of how technology works, and enhance our skills and capacity to explore new ideas and innovations. We will be doing plugged and unplugged activities in our schools within the scope of our etwinning project "Everything can be recycled except the earth" to make coding and digital literacy widespread, fun and engaging.We're going to do studies based on our grade levels by using Scratch or CodyRoby platform.We're going to decorate our boards with our activities.We will improve our students' computational thinking and problem solving skills by coding activities. We will provide guidance to our other teachers and students in our school.