Butterfly effects to maths with STEM

From Monday, October 19, 2020 12:00 AM
to Tuesday, August 31, 2021 12:00 AM

OŠ fra Kaje Adžića, Pleternica

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Croacia - Hrvatska

coding of arduino

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My first song: Ode to Happiness

Mon, Mar 29, 2021 8:00 AM

In the introductory activity we will talk about the beauties and peculiarities of Croatia. To conclude that it is part of the European Union. Teacher asks questions: What is the name of the EU anthem? What does it mean that a song is an ode? What kind of song is that? After that, students will watch the video and listen to a performance of Ode to Joy. https://youtu.be/bCxulFgT938 After watching the video, students will name the instruments, highlight the dynamics and rhythm of the song. Students work in groups: They will search for interesting facts about the instruments they saw and, after independent work, introduce other students to their knowledge. Determine which instruments contribute to a more cheerful and which to a more serious atmosphere. The teacher presents a program for composing: Chrome Music Lab Students will explore the performance options of each instrument using the Chrome Music Lab. They will individually compose their composition Ode to Happiness and recognize in it the parts they noticed in the performance of the Ode to Joy. The teacher collects the compositions and makes the film. The saved music pieces will be connected to a movie (Vimeo) and will be using photos from the internet that they can use publicly.


Sun, Sep 5, 2021 12:00 AM

Name of author: Ivana Kovač Subject: English Title of activity: Using Computer assisted translation tool Topic of activity: Translating Learning objectives: Competences in using two CAT platforms: Google Translator and SMARTCAT Preparation time: 120 min Teaching time: 120 min Materials needed: Internet, computers, projector, loudspeakers Age of students: 14 Other relevant remarks: Lesson can be taught online and offline, each student must have a computer and internet connection Preparation includes expanding competencies in assisted translation and making a presentation on the topic. The teacher introduces students to two translation platforms, Google Translator and Smartcat, explains the advantages and disadvantages of such translation and explains the process and procedure of word processing with these tools. She translates a short text with the students and discusses the result of the translation.

Creating a quiz with Microsoft Forms

Fri, Apr 16, 2021 8:00 AM

Quizzes and their application in Mathematics Name of author: Marjeta Amanović Subject: Mathematics Title of activity: Creating a quiz with Microsoft Forms Topic of activity: Quizzes and their application in Mathematics Learning objectives: In this lesson students will develop ICT skills of creating a quiz in the digital tool Microsoft Forms. Students will explore the possibilities of digital tool Microsoft Forms and they will create a critical opinion about this tool . Students will learn Mathematics using the digital tool MS Forms. These are the key competencies that students will develop with this lesson plan: - Curiosity and critical thinking - Collaborative work - ICT skills - Creativity - Communication skills - Creates mathematical tasks and solve mathematical problems Preparation time: 30 min Teaching time: 90 min Materials needed: Classroom with computers or tablets and smartphones, internet access, online platform Ms Teams, students should have a notebook and a pen You Tube video : Math Quiz Ms Forms Age of students: 12+ Other relevant remarks: This activity is suitable for physically distant, hybrid and online classroom. INTRODUCTION ( 30 min) 1. About AI Teacher asks the students: a) What is AI? b) Do you use AI every day? How? c) Are quizzes AI? d) Can we use quizzes to learn Math ? The teacher encourages discussion . Students can record their answers in the AnswerGarden Teacher complements the students answers by giving them information about what AI is and inform students about different types of AI. Teacher tells the students that they will watch a video about making a math quiz in MS Forms. 2. You Tube video : Math Quiz Ms Forms ( 10:36) ( The teacher can record his own video with instructions for making a quiz or choose another one that last about 10 minutes). After watching the video teacher asks the students: a) Why is this tool suitable for making math quizzes? b) Where the instruction from the video clear? c) Can making this quiz help us learn Math? Students express their views and opinions about the video. MAIN PART (50 min) a) Work in pairs Students are grouped in pairs according to their interests. Each pair needs to create five math tasks and then solve them. Students are doing this tasks in their notebooks. They can check problem solutions using Photomath app. The teacher guides and helps students as needed. The teacher gives additional instructions on how to make the quiz and demonstrate the steps in making quiz. b) Creating quiz in Ms Forms Students should have a Microsoft Office user account. - Students connects to the MS Forms website - They chooses the New test icon - Chooses the title of the quiz - Inputs questions and answers ( students must use all form of questions within the quiz). - Students must post their quiz on the online platform ( Ms Teams or some other). WRAP-UP ( 10 min) At the end of the activity students reflect on their quiz, share their ideas and discuss possible improvements. POSSIBLE FOLLOW-UP: Explore what other digital tool are suitable for making math quizzes.