Enter the code world

From Monday, October 26, 2020 10:00 AM
to Friday, January 29, 2021 4:00 PM

4th Primary School of Pefki- Elina Mavridou

Open in-person activity


Vryoulon 27, 151 21, Pefki, GRC

The students of 5th and 6th Grade of our school, will be involved in coding activities during the EuCodeWeek 2020. These events are hosted by the Informatics teacher, of our school, and will take place in the Computer Room. Students of the 5th Grade, will be introduced to proggramming, participating in activities from Code.org (Minecraft, Angry Birds...) . Students of the 6th Grade, will continue their studies in programming, in Code.org as well as in CodeMonkey and will be introduced to Python language.

    Primary school
    Basic programming concepts Playful coding activities Visual/Block programming
    Elina Mavridou

Nearby upcoming activities:

Micro:bit Rare Diseases: You are not Alone!

Fri, Feb 19, 2021 12:00 AM

On the occasion of the Rare Disease Day on the 28th of February, the students will program their micro:bit to send their love and support to their classmate who may be feeling alone at home. This activity is part of the Erasmus Ka2+ project CREDIBLE (https://erasmuscredible.eu/ ) dealing with the educative inclusion of children with rare diseases. Raising Awareness for the Children rights and the GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being. GOAL 4: Quality Education of the 17 Global Sustainable Goals.

Password Generator with Micro:Bit

Fri, Feb 19, 2021 12:00 AM

On the occasion of the Safer Internet Day 2021, the students of the 6th Grade played the Google Interland game and realized how vital the passwords were. Using their BBC micro:bit, they will create a password generator program and will test their generated password in How Secure Is My Password? Webpage and find out how long it would take a computer to crack their password.

Αποκωδικοποίηση του μηνύματος του 2Π

Thu, Jan 14, 2021 8:30 AM

Ο 2Π ταξιδεύει σε διάφορες χώρες του κόσμου. Στο σχολείο μας έχουμε τη βαλίτσα του. Μεσα στη βαλίτσα θα υπάρχει μια καρτέλα με κωδικούς. Πχ. Μια κοτα θα είναι το Κ. Ένα τετράγωνο θα είναι πχ το Τ. Ο 2Π θα στέλνει κατά διαστήματα μηνύματα στα παιδιά που θα είναι κωδικοποιημένα. Τα παιδιά θα κληθούν να αποκωδικοποιήσουν τα μηνύματά του τα οποία θα έρχονται κωδικοποιημένα με διάφορες εντολές.