Coding Yes, Stereotypes No

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1st Primary School of Hermoupolis

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Ερμούπολη, Ελλάδα

From Monday 8th of October 2018 at 09:00 to Friday 19th of October 2018 at 12:30


Our class: Grade C | 8-9 years old | 24 pupils We will invite a female code expert to talk to the students about coding. She will have a workshop (game based activity about coding) for the girls in our class. Then the girls will teach boys how to perform the same activity (unplugged coding). After both boys and girls are familiar with the activity, we will invite pupils from other classes to play with us and start learning about coding

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This event is for:
  • Elementary school students
  • Other (see description)
Main themes:
  • Unplugged activities
  • Playful coding activities
  • unplugged
  • workshop
  • girlsinstem
  • nostereotypes
  • gamebased
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October 2018
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