Patras Codecamp 2018

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POS Coworking Space, Δημητρίου Γούναρη, Πάτρα, Ελλάδα

From Saturday 6th of October 2018 at 18:00 to Friday 19th of October 2018 at 20:00


InterMediaKT and POS4Work co-organize, for 3rd consecutive year, EU CodeWeek FREE introductory workshops for programming and web technologies titled as "Patras Codecamp 2018", covering a wide range of themes such as Web development, Game development, Programming languages, STEM & ARDUINO, Blockchain Technology, Machine learning. This year, our event matures, grows, changes name and aspires to become a reference point in the Patras community as an annual event. The training seminars will take place in the welcoming area of POS4WORK (69 Gounari str. Patras), 6-19 October, 6-8pm. 11 days and 22 hours of coding and web technologies from experts will accompany us to this Codecamp adventure! There is no age restriction. There are only 3 conditions: Α laptop in hand, appetite for technology and good mood!!!

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This event is for:
  • Elementary school students
  • High school students
  • Graduate students
  • Post graduate students
  • Employed adults
  • Unemployed adults
  • Other (see description)
Main themes:
  • Basic programming concepts
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Robotics
  • Hardware
  • Unplugged activities
  • Playful coding activities
  • Art and creativity
  • Visual/Block programming
  • Game design
  • Augmented reality
  • Motivation and awareness raising
  • Promoting diversity
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Students of the school know how to program the Lego Mindstorms EV3 with its native environment. During the EU Code week they will try to program it using the popular text-based programming language Python. In particular: the Lego smart brick will boot with a preconfigured SD card with the O.S. EV3Dev. The students then will program it to move and make specific tasks the teacher will give them.
Start: Oct 7, 2019
Students in our school are novice in Coding, therefore the aim of this event is to introduce 12-year-old students to coding. This will be achieved by using CodyRoby offline games, so as to engage in computerional thinking.
Start: Oct 7, 2019
During this week, kindergarten students will be introduced to the basic concepts of coding, firstly unplugged and then with hands on activities, using Bee-Bot or Robot Mouse. They will learn directional language, commands and simple algorithms, sequencing and problem solving. The activities will include educational games with shapes, letters, numbers or concepts of their everyday life.
Start: Oct 7, 2019
USING ARDUINO IN MATH CLASS PRESENTATION DAY ABOUT THE OPEN Problem no1 A guarded train passage has 2 manual safety bars on both sides of the junction. How can we safely cross the crossing? We expect students to come to the following solution: In order to safely pass the crossing, both bars must be open. If this is not the case, then we must not pass the crossing. Phase A: students will translate the problem into a math language using the logical operator "and" or logic "or". Phase B: B1. For the research work lesson (6 teaching hours until delivery of the work from the student to the supervising professor) They implement a arduino with a construction that will give an audible and visual danger signal to the crossing when one of the two bars is closed or both bars are closed. Also with a light to indicate that the passage is safe (ie red when crossing is prohibited - closed bars and green when the passage is secure - open bars) B 2. For the ALGEVRA lesson (a teaching time for the introductory paragraph) The construction is ready and the students in a supervised way realize that the sound and the visual danger signal in the passage are activated when one of the two bars is closed or both bars are closed.
Start: Oct 20, 2019