Keeping up with technology - Coding in rural areas

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DJ203C, Mihăileşti, Romania

From Friday 20th of October 2017 at 11:29 to Friday 20th of October 2017 at 11:29


Technology is causing major societal changes in the world. There are studies that raise awareness about the loss of jobs, but they also underline that fact that new ones will be created. However, in rural areas, where most of the citizens have no digital skills how can one talk of the possibility of new jobs? These citizens are bound to be left behind in this new tech society if we don't act on it. The program that we propose will consist of coding lessons for school pupils in 2 schools in rural area. They will have a chance to build a modular robot and start programing it. The lessons will be organized in the 2 schools in Mihailesti village.

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  • Elementary school students
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  • Robotics
  • #saptamanaroboticii
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