Kako je živjeti od programiranja?

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Hrvatski savez informatičara

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Dalmatinska ul. 12, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

From Monday 9th of October 2017 at 18:00 to Monday 9th of October 2017 at 20:00


Koja je razlika između natjecateljskog i profesionalnog programiranja? Kako je to programirati u timu na ozbiljnom projektu te kako se nositi s izazovima koje postavljaju rokovi izrade projekta? Odgovore na ova i mnoga druga pitanja dat će vam bivši natjecatelj, a sada zaposlenik jedne IT tvrtke. Predavač: Matej Ferenčević

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This event is for:
  • High school students
  • Graduate students
  • Post graduate students
  • Employed adults
  • Unemployed adults
Main themes:
  • Basic programming concepts
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Data manipulation and visualisation
  • Visual/Block programming
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October 2017
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