Programatoo @ Suresnes

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Médiathèque de Suresnes, Programatoo

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Happening at:
5 Rue Ledru Rollin, 92150 Suresnes, France

From Saturday 11th of October 2014 at 10:30 to Saturday 11th of October 2014 at 12:30


Programming workshop for kids, using Scratch, Smallbasic, Lightbot, Codecademy and... Notepad! Funny way to discover and to learn how to make and create with a computer. Codeurs en herbe, venez découvrir les multiples aspects de la programmation par le jeu et l'expérimentation !

This event is for:
  • Elementary school students
Main themes:
  • Basic programming concepts
  • Scratch
  • Lightbot
  • Smallbasic
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October 2014
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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin. Acting as code week ambassadors, the SAP Knowledge and Education team organizes numerous coding events at SAP training centers across Europe during this year’s EU Code Week. We want to introduce kids and youth to science and technology by showing them how easy coding can be with Snap! – an easy-to-use graphical programming language. Snap! allows beginners to take their first moves in programming using simple graphical blocks and it also offers sophisticated abstractions, usually only found in advanced programming languages for artificial intelligence. What to expect: The afternoon will start with a short introduction into coding. Together in groups with a trainer, the kids will then have the opportunity to program their own short games and art and share it with the group. Who: Kids, aged 10 years and older Please note: Seats are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to location shortage we cannot offer extra seats for parents, so please only register your child.
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-Table ronde numérique avec un développeur web (Mossab KAIMOUNI) présentation/médiation ludique et échange avec le public sur les questions suivantes: c'est quoi le code ? à quoi ça sert? (45 minutes ) -pause café Initiation au code ( html5,CSS3 et JavaScript) petits exercices, petit jeu de programmation (60 minutes) Petite expo c'est quoi ? -un algorithme -le binaire -une boucle -un langage de programmation -un développeur web
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Comment rendre ludique l’apprentissage de la programmation au cycle 4 ? Vous souhaitez mettre en place une activité de géométrie en utilisant un robot ? Découverte et manipulation des robots exploitables au cycle 4 (InoBot, Mbot, Probot) pour aborder le codage et la programmation.
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Apprendre ensemble et en famille à créer de petits jeux vidéo tout en partageant un petit déjeuner… c’est ça l’esprit coding ! Avis à tous les geeks, gourmands et curieux ! Durée :1h30 à 2h-À partir de 8 ans Parents bienvenus !
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