Codeweek Learning Bits

Creative Scratch Laboratory

by Krzysztof Jaworski

Learning programming today goes beyond preparing for a programming career and extends beyond the boundaries of computer science. It should be approached broadly, embracing an interdisciplinary perspective and utilizing programming as a tool for learning and play to foster the development of future skills.

For children and young people, it is crucial to understand how to use digital tools safely, responsibly and effectively. They need to comprehend how these tools function and know how to communicate with them through programming. In addition, this experience should involve collaborative interactions with their peers.

The Learning Bit Creative Scratch Laboratory will enhance students' creativity, boost their curiosity and make coding enjoyable and fun. It consists of three lesson plans for students with varying coding skills. In the beginner’s lesson plan, students create a character on paper, import it into Scratch and animate it using selected blocks. The intermediate level lesson plan teaches students to learn the Video Sprites tool, graphic crafting with paper and markers, and producing a Scratch mosaic with Video Sprites, stamps and artworks. In the advanced lesson plan, students explore the face recognition function in Scratch, experiment with sprite graphics manipulation and create a mini-theatre with dialogues generated in Scratch.

Ready to share what you learnt with your students?

Choose one of the lesson plans below and organize an activity with your students.

  1. Draw and animate sprite: for beginners
  2. Stamps: for intermediate students
  3. Puppet theatre: for advanced students

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