Coding@Home – video tutorials

8. Cody and Roby

This is a role-playing game with the programmer, Cody, and the robot, Roby. The video introduces the cards of CodyRoby, that we will use from now on to determine movements on the board. Cody will use these cards to give Roby instructions for how to move on the board

Required material: CodyRoby starter kit
chequered board with labels, instruction cards (left, right, forward), and any counters to be placed on the board


Q1. Where does Roby arrive if, starting from position C2 facing South, he executes the last sequence of instructions shown in the video?

Q2. Could the movements Roby carries out by executing the last sequence of instructions shown in the video be described by applying the instructions of CodyFeet or CodyColor to the board?

Q3. The three types of instructions introduced in the video, represented by the green, red and yellow cards, constitute an instruction set capable of driving Roby anywhere on the board. Can you come up with an instruction set with fewer than 3 instructions to do the same?

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