EU Code Week Podcast: Coding Against Climate Change

In our first episode for 2024, we had the pleasure of engaging in a fascinating conversation with Koen Timmers. In this insightful discussion, we explored the pivotal role of coding in combating climate change and how it has spurred the creation of the Climate Action Project. Koen, web design professor and teacher for 20 years,created the initiative dedicated to addressing the climate emergency alongside a dedicated community of teachers. We reflect on how technology, for many of us, has proven to be a catalyst, encouraging collaboration and allowing us to confront global challenges collectively. Click on the link and jump in!

About our guest

  • Koen Timmers

    Koen Timmers is the director of TAG, a non-profit working on climate education. He has been in education for 20 years and was announced to be one of the top 10 teachers globally by Bill Gates. He is an author and keynote speaker.

    Website - Youtube - LinkedIn

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This podcast has been released on 9th of January 2024