EU Code Week Podcast: EU Report: Computational thinking in education

Today’s episode will focus on the 2022 study announced by the European Commission: “Reviewing Computational Thinking in Compulsory Education: State of Play and Practices from the Field”. The topics of discussion will follow the study outline, starting with a general introduction and comparison to the 2016 study, touching on study methodology, sources, and key terms, going through the main findings of the study, and finishing with key implementations and best practices.

About our guest

  • Augusto Chioccariello and Katja Engelhardt

    With a doctorate in Physics, Augusto is a researcher the National Research Council of Italy, with research interests focused on Educational Technology and STEM education. Katja Engelhardt is a Senior Education Analyst at European Schoolnet. She is passionate about research in education that makes school education policies more inclusive and innovative. You can follow them on Twitter to learn more about their daily work at @Katja_EUN and @chioccariello.

Useful Resources

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This podcast has been released on 16th of August 2022