EU Code Week Podcast: Raising the next generation of coding professionals: An example from Jõhvi Coding School in Estonia

This episode will focus on kood/Jõhvi, also known as the Jõhvi Coding School project. From general presentation of kood and its impact it aims to have on education in Estonia while filling a need in the job sector, the discussion will also touch on the start of the project and future perspective, with a part of the episode being dedicated to the application process.

About our guest

  • Karin Künnapas (Estonia)

    Karin Künnapas is one of the two codirectors of kood/Jõhvi. The Jõhvi Coding School project aims to help solve the lack of coding specialists in Estonia and beyond by providing a new kind of coding school, based on self-learning methods and open to everyone. You can find her on Linkedin and learn more about kood/Jõhvi at: Website - Facebook - Instagram

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This podcast has been released on 26th of July 2022