EU Code Week Podcast: Bioinformatics and Coding: where science and tech meet!

In this episode, Povilas will be talking about his coding journey that led him to his current career, while touching on why coding is important as start in science, how a programming career in science actually looks like as opposed to big tech, as well as details about data analytics and its uses.

About our guest

  • Povilas Norvaisas (UK)

    Povilas Norvaišas is currently the Principal Scientist of Bioinformatics at Ro5, in charge of Knowledge Graphs, Target Identification, and Clinical Trial Analytics platforms. He also holds a Ph.D. in Structural, Computational, and Chemical Biology, showing a keen interest in using state-of-the-art data analytics methods in his scientific development journey. Find him as @PNorvaisas on Twitter and on LinkedIn

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This podcast has been released on 9th of August 2022