EU Code Week Podcast: Cybersecurity: Everything teachers and pupils need to know to be safe online

In this episode, the focus will be on cyber security, while also touching on the importance of coding, what is its relationship with cyber security, how to keep pupils safe, why there is a need to talk about cyber security in schools, as well as how to raise awareness about this topic with the general public.

About our guest

  • Jaya Baloo (The Netherlands)

    Jaya Baloo is Avast's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). She has been working in the field of information security, with a focus on secure network architecture, for over 20 years and sits on the advisory boards of the NL's National Cyber Security Centre, PQCrypto, and Flagship Strategic. Additionally, she’s been a faculty member of Singularity University since 2017, where she lectures regularly. She’s on Twitter as @jayabaloo and Linkedin And to learn more about her work, go to LinkedIn and Youtube

Useful Resources

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This podcast has been released on 2nd of August 2022