EU Code Week Podcast: How can social innovators use coding to develop solutions for everyday challenges?

Maria and our hosts will talk about how social innovators can use coding to develop solutions for every-day challenges, and focus on several main points: - Digital changes and current solutions: where the changes needed in the educational system are discussed, but also the current solutions that are at hand to set things into motion - Access to technology for all pupils: where the Covid-19 challenges are emphasized - Connecting industry professionals with schools: from why is important to how to approach them

About our guest

  • Maria Rahamägi (Estonia)

    Maria Rahamägi is the founder of Edumus, a marketplace and platform connecting working professionals and specialists from different fields and industries to go to schools and teach one grade, one subject at a time over one school year. Follow her and her work on LinkedIn

Useful Resources

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This podcast has been released on 19th of July 2022