EU Code Week Podcast: Play, code, create: programming and the gaming industry

Hendrik will join us to talk about what is like to work in one of the most attractive industries, how to get started, the applications of gaming in the classroom, how the knowledge of coding games can be applied to other industries, his own perspective on the future of education, and his experiences as a young man trying to develop his first game.

About our guest

  • Hendrik Lesser (Germany)

    Founder of Munich-based Chimera Entertainment, an experienced game-dev studio focusing on mobile and PC. Also leads Europe's biggest game developer family, GmbH and presides the European Games Developer Federation. You can follow him on LinkedIn or Facebook and learn more about his work at Chimera Entertainment ( Facebook - LinkedIn ) and Remote Control Productions ( LinkedIn - Facebook )

Useful Resources

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This podcast has been released on 5th of July 2022