EU Code Week thrives thanks to a vast, international community of volunteers. In this page you can meet the members that are active in your country.
EU Code Week’s backbone is the Ambassadors, the Leading teachers and representatives of ministries of education in the EU and Western Balkans countries – the Edu coordinators.

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EU Code Week Ambassadors are the main point of contact for Code Week in each country and help spread the vision of Code Week locally. The Ambassadors connect people, companies and communities interested in supporting EU Code Week. They encourage organisers to register coding activities on the Code Week map, and promote the overall participation in EU Code Week. Ambassadors also review and approve activities in their country. Ambassadors also work with their peers in other countries and meet regularly to discuss how to further develop the initiative.


EU CodeWeek Ambassador TR -Exp Teacher of English Language ( Cerfified ) eTwinning Ambassador,eTwinning Moderator and Trainer, eTwinning LE Expert ( Certified ) iTEC Ambassador - EU Designing Future Classroms ( Certified ) TED - Transatlantic Educators Dialogue - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ( Certified ) FL Teacher Trainer ( Certified ) Microsoft Innovative Educator MIE EU MakerWeek Ambassador Minecraft Certified Educator ICT and Web 2.0 Trainer ( Certified ) Microsoft Master Trainer ( Certified ) MIE Expert ( Certified ) EU Climate Change Pact Ambassador Scientix Ambassador SUNNY - Emerging Technologies for Life Long Learning Yale University - Moralities of Everyday Life

Zehra Sayın

Current State: Code Week Leader on behalf of Ministry of Education of Turkey, Experinece: Computer Education and Instructor Design, PhD Student at Hacettepe University, Turkey. Computer Science (ICT) Teacher, Head Teacher Trainer on behalf of MoNE. Online Learning Designer. Online Event Manager and Coordinator. Computer Science and Coding Curriculum Development Team Member in Turkey. Previous work experience: eTwinning Turkey National Support Servis Member (2015-2018), FCL Ambassadors(2016-2018), iTEC Project Technical Coordinator (Completed in 2014).


I am Buket GÜLNAR. I graduated from Ankara University, Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Teaching in 2013. I did my master's degree at Hacettepe University. Since 2016, I have been working as a teacher at the Ministry of National Education.


Hello, I’m Elife YEŞİLYURT. I’m graduated from Karadeniz Tecnical University , Department of Chemistry in 1994. I have been working as a teacher at the Ministry of National Education since 1994.

Merve Şaban

I'm Merve Şaban. I graduated from Boğaziçi University Turkish Language and Literature Department in 2015. Then I started to work as a project writer and project development specialist. Since 2019, I have been working as a teacher at the Ministry of National Education.

Leading teachers

Leading teachers is an active community of more than 450 educators from across Europe. They help connect schools, teachers and students interested in participating to Code Week and encourage them to organise activities and register them on the Code Week map. The Leading teachers hold professional development webinars in their language and are a reference point for other teachers in the country but also in Europe. They also promote the initiative locally.

If you are a teacher, you can find Leading teachers near you to connect with on the map.

Edu coordinators

EU Code Week Edu coordinators are correspondents in Ministries of Education or other educational authorities and organisations participating in EU Code Week. Edu coordinators strengthen the foundations of the initiative by supporting teachers and schools nation-wide. This includes communication with schools who already participate in EU Code Week to learn about their best practices and share experience. Edu coordinators also support schools that want to participate in the initiative, by providing available resources, learning material and opportunities within the community.

Volunteer for EU Code Week

You do not need to take on an official role in the EU Code Week community to be part of the movement. Everyone can organise activities to teach and inspire people to code, do robotics, tinker with hardware, 3D-print etc. and pin their activity on the map However, if you want to volunteer your time to promote coding and believe in the vision and values of EU Code Week, you could potentially become a leading teacher or an ambassador. .

If you are an educator passionate about teaching and learning how to code as much as we are, you can find out more about the role and benefits of Leading teachers here. Then you can apply to become a Leading Teacher by filling this online application form. Please note that the number of Leading Teachers per country is fixed which means that applications are open only for some specific countries at a time.

If you want to promote coding in your country, check out the responsibilities of Ambassadors and take a quick look at the list of EU Code Week Ambassadors. If there are Ambassadors in your country, please get in touch directly with them and see how you can best support the initiative. If there is no one in your country, you can reach out at info@codeweek.eu.