Calming LEDs: create a simple device with micro:bit
This challenge has been written by Micro:bit Educational Foundation and is part of the EU CODE WEEK CHALLENGES.
Target Audience
  1. Students (6-12)
  1. Beginner
  1. 20 minutes
Recommended Materials
  1. a micro:bit device and battery pack (if available)
  2. a laptop or tablet with which you can visit Microsoft MakeCode and Youtube
  3. for the activity resources
  1. To design a simple digital artefact with a helpful purpose
  2. To explore sequences and animations and how they work
  3. To test and debug simple code
  4. To iterate a design by making the animations faster or slower
Students create a digital device using LEDs that can help them to regulate their breathing and feel calmer. They will be asked to write some simple code, exploring animations and sequences.
  • The goal is to create a working Calming LED device that you can use to regulate your breathing. This device can be created on a physical micro:bit board, or on the simulator in the MakeCode editor.
  • The challenge can be completed by using the MakeCode editor and writing a simple sequence of code as shown in the video/screenshot.
  • To develop the challenge, students can explore different animations and get creative with the animation they would like to see to help them feel calm or happy.
  • More information and video instructions at this link.
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