Become a EU Code Week Ambassador

EU Code Week Ambassadors are the main point of contact for Code Week in each country and help spread the vision of Code Week to local communities. Do you believe in the vision of Code Week and want to promote coding in your own country? Read on!

As a EU Code Week Ambassador, you should be able to allocate a few hours a week to:

  • Connect people, companies and communities interested in doing something for Code Week.
  • Encourage event organizers to add their coding events to the Code Week website.
  • Encourage new events to be organized in your country by promoting Code Week.
  • Answer emails about Code Week in your language.
  • Approve events on the Code Week website for your country.
  • Maintain a list of learning resources in your country’s language.
  • Find interesting success stories and news to promote on Code Week channels.
  • Promote Code Week materials through your network.
  • Collaborate with other national ambassadors from across Europe.

In return, you will be able to:

  • Meet a lot of smart, interesting people from a variety of industries.
  • Become an essential part of one of the greatest grassroots initiatives in Europe.
  • Help us raise awareness about the importance of coding and getting Europe truly digital.
  • Add the 'EU Code Week Ambassador' title to your already amazing CV.
  • Learn to code! (in case you don’t yet already)

Here’s what it all means in a bit more detail:

  • One of our goals is to connect various coding and educational networks. If you know of any coding events taking place, let the organizers know about Code Week and help them add the event to the Code Week website, so we’ll have a comprehensive list of all coding events in Europe.
  • We’re also hoping to see more events organized for Code Week. You can help by encouraging schools, organizations, developer communities, and enthusiastic individuals to start new, beginner friendly events in your country. It doesn’t have to be during Code Week itself, although that will be the prime time for our promotional activities. To help you out, we’re preparing a list of suggestions for companies, a guide for potential event organizers, and we’re also building a variety of other promotional resources.
  • We need your help to respond to emails regarding Code Week in your country. You’ll be the primary point of contact for anything that’s going on in your country, so you can connect people and companies from your country that might benefit from getting connected with each other and provide answers in your language. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers yet, we’re here to help.
  • Everyone can add their coding event to https://codeweek.eu/events, but you’ll be the moderator for events in your country. All you need to do is to regularly take a quick look at submitted events and check if they are a good fit for Code Week
  • It needs to be easy for everyone to start a coding event. You probably know some great online learning materials for beginner coders in your language, so you can maintain a list of resources for your country on the EU Code Week website
  • Provide interesting news and content about coding from your country that we can promote on Code Week social media channels. We’re primarily looking for content in English, so you can help by asking organizers to share their stories and tips in English for our blog. Additionally, you can also set up your national Code Week social media channels to promote content in your own language. 
  • Together with your help, we’ll be building a library of Code Week materials that can be used to promote coding as a skill. We need your help to spread the materials in your country and even encourage different groups to provide translations
  • We’re creating a network of national ambassadors to promote Code Week and we’ll also try to schedule monthly online calls to discuss our work, exchange good practices and inspire each other with ideas for further activities  You don’t have to attend all meetings, but we hope you can join us as often as possible. We also have a mailing list for EU Code Week Ambassadors that you can use any time to get advice or help from other ambassadors. You’ll be able to expand your own network and get fresh ideas by collaborating with other ambassadors from across Europe.

Still interested? We want you in on this! Take a quick look at the list of EU Code Week Ambassadors. If there’s one for your country, feel free to get in touch directly with them and see how you can cooperate. Either way, we’ll be looking forward to you email at  info@codeweek.eu.