Gabriella Fumagalli

Marketing and communication specialist. I have enjoyed international experience in several markets including automotive, education, advertising, design, interiors, fashion and food. In the last years I followed my passion getting involved with communication, digital, new media, tech, new social phenomena, startups, ect. Founder of Rails Girls Ticino/Lausanne/Geneva and CdT Women in Digital - a new projects focussed on improve women's empowerment thanks to digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills with the aim to help girls and women create and maintain a professional online presence. Entrepreneur, blending creativity and know-how with digital innovation. Speaker at Nuvola Rosa/ Microsoft Italia, ITU, EPFL and USI, I hope to see more and more women in tech and STEM careers. Previously: Girl Geek Dinners co-founder and organizer.

Brice Copy

Brice is a software engineer at CERN, where he works on open-source industrial control projects for the LHC and general CERN infrastructure. With support from CERN and its Staff Association, he organizes public events focused on digital litteracy, using cutting-edge technology such as robotics and augmented reality as a vector. He is passionate about innovation and making it more accessible to further education methods, gender equality and human progress.

Geraldine Zahnd

As a self-proclaimed lifelong learner and a career spanning more than 10 years and 3 continents, I have always been a tech enthusiast. I founded Digital Kidz a technology website for families after having spent 3 years in Silicon Valley. My main goals with this platform is to ensure children to know and understand better new technologies allowing them to have a positive impact on tomorrow's world. Digital Kidz is a Swiss non-profit organisation committed to bring new technologies inclusive, accessible, equitable and fun to children. Avec un état d'esprit d'apprenante à vie et après avoir mené une carrière professionnelle sur 3 continents, j'ai toujours été une passionnée de technologie. J'ai fondé Digital Kidz, un site web technologique pour les familles après avoir passé 3 ans dans la Silicon Valley. L’ une des missions de Digital Kidz est d’assurer que les enfants soient initiés aux nouvelles technologies afin qu’ils puissent innover, créer et avoir un impact positif sur le monde de demain. Digital Kidz est une organisation suisse à but non-lucratif et qui s’engage à rendre la découverte et l’apprentissage de la programmation inclusif, accessible, équitable, stimulant et amusant.

Ellen Walker

Ellen Walker (J.D., LL.M.), founder of RightsTech Women, works to get more girls and women into STEM education and jobs. She wants to be sure that they know their human rights, too. A human rights lawyer by background with more than a decade of global human rights work, she has a passion for bridging tech and human rights, as well as empowering rights-holders to make the changes that they require, based on international standards. Realizing the importance of STEM education and employment equality for gender equality globally, she founded RightsTech Women in 2018, which advances the rights of girls and women in STEM. RightsTech Women (RTW) is a nonprofit association based in Geneva. Working with partners like CERN Micro Club, CERN Women in Technology, CERN, Hepia, and PoppyStation, RTW has already trained more than 446 girls in the Geneva area since 2018 on robotics, programming and human rights, including during fun CODEWEEK events. She and her dedicated, transdisciplinary team of lawyers, engineers, and physicists are providing innovative solutions to fix the STEM gender gap with hybrid STEM and human rights training. Find out more and about how you can support RTW at https://rightstech.org.