Interested in coding and robotics? Roadshow, Helsinki

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Innokas Network

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Siltavuorenpenger 6, 00170 Helsinki, Suomi

From Tuesday 14th of October 2014 at 08:00 to Tuesday 14th of October 2014 at 14:00


Innokas Network organizes the Interested in Coding and Robotics? event roadshow for teachers and teacher students during the EU Code Week and Robotics Week in Fall 2014. Join us on the events to try new, engaging and fun ways to learn about coding and robotics! You will learn about coding and robotics in workshops run by practicing teachers as well as by students from Innokas Network schools. In addition, you will get practical help in using coding and robotics in teaching 21st Century Skills.

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October 2014
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Õpitoas vaatame, kuidas panna liikuma Bee-Botid ja Ozobotid ning kuidas see on seotud programmeerimisega. Lisaks proovime kokku panna ühe lihtsa legoroboti Lego WeDo 2.0 komplektist.
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Wastewise 15.09 was a global wastepicking day. We have already been talking with children that garbage can not be thrown into nature, it must be sorted, yet we have every year garbage to pick up from the forests. It seems that rubbish is always associated with a negative one - it is produced in huge quantities, it flows under forests, there are waste lands in the ocean. But how to put garbage work for yourself, how to change people's attitude to garbage, In our workshop, we are just trying to find answers to these questions. We have prepared two workshops in one workshop that are interconnected. 1. Let's start by sorting the garbage! But how to do it, how to remember where the packages, where bottles, old toys and clothes are thrown. We will give a brief introduction about the choices made in Estonia (fabric containers, recovery containers, containers for paper, food, old technology, etc.). Participants will receive papers for beebot robots (A1 paper). On the paper they can draw and use other tools (glue, paper, scissors, old magazines) to make their own containers and places where garbage is to be disposed of. When the paper is ready, you can start to program the beebot according to where it needs to put a specific waste. 2. What sort of waste will be passed? The participants in the Lego wedo 2.0 workshop will deal with this thinking and creation. The workshop is our input - what to do with a specific sort of rubbish, how to use it for something new to create, new and smart solutions for sorting waste, opportunities are huge and limit is our own creativity. When the machines are ready and programmed then kids present it to all participants at the end of the workshop.
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