We Do Code! And (..) Girls code it better!

Organized by:

School of Robotics, ECWT (European centre for Women and Technology, Italian EU Code Ambassador

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Happening at:

Via de Marini, 21, 16149 Genova, Italia

From Monday, October 13, 2014 11:00 AM
to Monday, October 13, 2014 1:00 PM


School of Robotics, in collaboration with ECWT (European Center for Women and Technology) and the ECWT National Point of Contacts, has proposed to the Italian Ambassador of the EU Code Week, Prof. Alessandro Bogliolo, to organize, during the EU Code Week (11-17 of October. http://codeweek.eu/) an event where girls and boys will learn how to use the Scratch free software with the Lego We Do robotics kit. Everyone was happy to participate ! The event will have a physical location in Genoa (Italy) and remote connection with six Italian schools. This is a Pinkoding event, as it is aimed at promoting coding especially among girls: Pinkoding! The event is co-organized by ECWT, School of Robotics, and Code's Cool. Title: We Do Code! Date of the Event: Monday 13 October h. 11:00 Location: Genoa, Italy Target: middle school (11-13 years) THE EVENT The Italian “We Do Code!” event promotes coding activities for girls and boys. Software used Scratch 1.4 or 2.0; robotics kit Lego WeDo. The event will be physically in Genoa (either at the CNR Conference room, or in a school) and it will be also handled remotely, with 6 schools connected to the physical event. Eva Fabry, ECWT Director, will open the event via videoconference. The six Italian schools connected to the physical event in Genoa will learn “from scratch” and will be able to show their code on the common screen. The events will unravel as following: • Introduction to Scratch (girls and boys create their own character and move it) • Introduction to Lego WeDo robotics kit, with sharing on the common screen of the introduction video and slides • In turn, the schools in Genoa and the six remotely connected schools design and show their coding, their characters and stories. • Computer Master will be in Genoa: in turn, one connected schools will code, show their code using the Master. The other schools could code by themselves in the meantime. All the classes will perform the following missions: • Design and creation of a story character with Scratch (the project on paper) • Create the coding with Scratch to give birth to the story character • The same character will be designed and physically created by bricks of Lego WeDo (physical character interacting with its virtual avatar) • Moving the virtual character means moving the physical one

This activity is for:

  • Elementary school students

Main themes:

  • Basic programming concepts
  • Software development
  • Robotics


  • robotics
  • ECWT
  • WeDo kit
  • girls coding

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