Autumn Courses

From Monday, October 3, 2022 12:00 AM
to Thursday, June 22, 2023 12:00 AM


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ubbu - Code & Create

Learn how to code with our Coding Autumn Courses 
Code your own game

Have a child who is fan of technology? Looking for an after-school activity? Enroll to our coding course at ubbu where children will learn how to code their own game in our online class.

You can sign-up for our 10 classes or enroll for 1 year with ubbu for the full curriculum year, 1h per day for children between 7-14 years old.

All our classes include logic, coding exercises mixed with interdisciplinary subjects. Our courses are age appropriate as we look to organize cohort classes, helping with focus, participation and collaboration opportunities. 


ubbu’s mission is to help young minds become ready for the future which is why we focus on introducing topics around sustainable and social responsibility in each and every one of our classes. 


You can also use ubbu at home, joining our app subscription. We just arrived to families and homes yet we're trusted by 606 schools around the world and count with 76000 active children in our platform. Come and join ubbu and embark in an adventure with Max, Perline, Pascal, Ruby and Jaython!

    Primary school
    Game design

Nearby upcoming activities:

CodeWeek - João de Deus
Mon, Oct 3, 2022 8:30 AM

Atividades a participar:

 - Participação na hora do código;

 - Participação com turmas do 2º e 3ºciclo na plataforma UBBU.

- Construção estações meteorológicas utilizando arduino e sensores de humidade e temperatura.

Projeto de articulação "Robótica"
Mon, Nov 21, 2022 9:00 AM

A EB1 e o JI de Vale do Sumo, irão desenvolver um projeto de articulação de robótica ao longo do ano, onde serão dinamizadas diversas atividades, de modo a promover através do pensamento computacional, novas aprendizagens.

Roboticar no AEGM
Wed, Sep 21, 2022 2:00 PM

Os alunos inscritos na Academia Roboticar no AEGM vão ter a oportunidade de programar em blocos com os robots Ozobots Evo e realizar actividades de modelação 3D, com o Tinkercad.