My City Hackathon

From Friday, October 29, 2021 6:00 PM
to Sunday, October 31, 2021 8:30 PM

Startit Centar

Open online activity



The event is going to be organized in cooperation with the Meet and Code organization, and it is expanding the project from last year. 

The main goal of the hackathon is to establish the connection among the participants, to get to know each other through the presentation of their hometowns.

My City Hackathon” will be held online, on the platform Discord. You can find further information at the end of the project description.

During the first day, we will organize consultations about how and where to gather information about your cities (through our example from last year). How to properly use information from Wikipedia, and Youtube.

During the second day,  we will organize consultations about how to create a presentation of your town/city in Scratch, how to organize your team of elementary school students, and how to post it online.

During the third day, we will organize consultations about how to make a landing page, using HTML/CSS, where Scratch presentations are going to be shared, and also we will gather all completed presentations, landing pages, and upload them to our website.

Whenever you finish your Scratch presentations, or landing pages in HTML/CSS, you can send it to us by putting it on the Discord channel which will be created for this reason. After all presentations and pages are gathered, we will post them online on our  website (

We recommend that participants from schools, organizations form teams from their local environment that will include elementary and high school students. After they create teams, they can apply to participate in our Hackathon. If someone can't gather a team, they can also apply as individuals who will participate to represent their local community.

Feel free to contact us for any kind of information. Before you do that please see further details on our:

Form for participation:

Discord channel:



    Primary school Secondary school Higher Education Teachers
    Basic programming concepts Web development Visual/Block programming
    CSS HTML Scratch google Wikipédia city programming for elementary school programming for high school

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