Code with Python "Make a digital fire warning sign"

From Saturday, October 16, 2021 5:00 PM
to Saturday, October 23, 2021 7:00 PM


Invite-only online activity



Content: lesson plans in Greek, based on MOONHACK 2021 project “Fire Danger Warning Sign”, produced by Code Club Australia Powered By Telstra Foundation.
Code: You will create an early warning system using Python that senses temperature and humidity using a SenseHat and a Raspberry Pi Emulator. The system generates messages and images using a grip of pixels about fires' low risk or danger to inform users. You will learn to
• Read data from an external sensor.
• Make decisions based on data.
• Generate images using a grid of pixels.
Target group: 13-18 y.o.
Goals and Event’s category: Code for the Planet - SDG 13
The event combines coding and actions for the planet, and improves climate change education through raising awareness of the dangers of massive wildfires, and the negative impact on human health. The event is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal #13.
Relevant information: In August 2021, multiple wildfires in Greece injured at least 20 people and burned dozens of homes, after an historic heatwave for the country with the highest temperatures reaching 47 °C. More than 125,000 hectares of forest and arable land had been burnt.

    Other (see description)
    Basic programming concepts Data manipulation and visualisation

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