GRIDS Code17

Organized by:

GRIDS research group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universidade de Aveiro

Contact email:

Happening at:

Universidade de Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal

From Monday, October 9, 2017 1:03 PM
to Friday, October 13, 2017 1:03 PM


As world and life evolve, programming is becoming an essential tool for all fields of science and even life itself. This is an increasingly encompassing fact in engineering fields, with computing and automation truly augmenting tools and processes. GRIDS Code17 will provide a series of workshops where programming skills will take the center stage. From mobile apps to the internet of things, from motion physics to numerical simulation and optimization, several topics will gravitate around the focus on software development and programming. Applications will feed awareness, in an interactive and dynamic fashion. This is thought out for a broad audience, with little or no programming background, where you’ll only need the will to learn and an engineering knack.

This activity is for:

  • High school students
  • Graduate students

Main themes:

  • Basic programming concepts
  • Mobile app development
  • Software development
  • Other
  • Playful coding activities
  • Internet of things and wearable computing
  • Motivation and awareness raising


  • programming
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Apps
  • Simulation

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October 2017
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