CodeWeek Vratsa 2015

Organized by:

Vratsa Software Community

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Happening at:
ulitsa "Krastyo Balgariyata" 39, 3002 Vratsa, Bulgaria

From Saturday 10th of October 2015 at 09:30 to Sunday 11th of October 2015 at 18:00


Two days free lessons and workshops in Vratsa for students and adults. Trainers will be experienced professionals. Each participant can choose one of various topics: WordPress, Intro to Java, Making videos, Design with Photoshop, Robotics for beginners, HTML&CSS Intro, Programming for kids, Hackaton for advanced students.

More information:

This event is for:
  • High school students
  • Graduate students
  • Post graduate students
  • Employed adults
  • Unemployed adults
Main themes:
  • Basic programming concepts
  • Web development
  • Robotics
  • Other
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Arduino
  • Java
  • WordPress
  • Bulgaria
  • Vratsa Software
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October 2015
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