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From Wednesday, October 14, 2020 6:00 PM
to Wednesday, October 14, 2020 8:00 PM

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Ovo predavanje pružit će vam drugačiji pogled na računala i rješavanje problema. Naučit ćete vrste i osnovne načine rada kvantnih računala, drugačiji pogled na računala i drugačije načine rješavanja problema. Ovo je područje koje tek dolazi i koje se sve više razvija. Predavanje je namijenjeno svima koji žele upoznati neobičan svijet kvantnih računala, a prvenstveno učenicima viših razreda osnovnih škola i učenicima srednjih škola. Predavač: Dino Šantl

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Sun, Sep 5, 2021 12:00 AM

Name of author: Ivana Kovač Subject: English Title of activity: Using Computer assisted translation tool Topic of activity: Translating Learning objectives: Competences in using two CAT platforms: Google Translator and SMARTCAT Preparation time: 120 min Teaching time: 120 min Materials needed: Internet, computers, projector, loudspeakers Age of students: 14 Other relevant remarks: Lesson can be taught online and offline, each student must have a computer and internet connection Preparation includes expanding competencies in assisted translation and making a presentation on the topic. The teacher introduces students to two translation platforms, Google Translator and Smartcat, explains the advantages and disadvantages of such translation and explains the process and procedure of word processing with these tools. She translates a short text with the students and discusses the result of the translation.

Building sustainable economies and societies in Europe

Mon, Dec 14, 2020 12:00 AM

In this eTwinning project we would first like to explore the need for sustainable development due to climate change and environmental destruction, secondly study all aspects of sustainability and thirdly examine how sustainability is put into action in Europe and in our home towns. The students participating in this project will work in multi-national teams on project assignments or sub-projects to explore the topic of sustainability. The different teams will use the most communication networks today and share the results of their exchange. All results of the different assignments will be uploaded to the TwinSpace which operates as a learning platform, communication hub and is the main product of this project. As the students have to collaborate in international teams they have to communicate in English and improve their language skills that way. Additionally they will improve their digital skills by working on the TwinSpace and its tools like the TwinBoard and other web 2.0 tools.

Me as a poet

Sat, Oct 9, 2021 12:00 AM

Name of author: Maja Labaš Horvat Subject(s) that the activity is intended for: English as a foreign language Title of activity: (Give a descriptive title for your activity that tells the reader at first sight what you will be doing e.g. Colouring book, Write a story, Composing a song): Me as a poet Topic of activity: (Write the topic of your activity: e.g. experiment with arts, text generation, music experiment): experiment with poetry writing Learning objectives: (What you would like your students to achieve by the end of activity): student writes his/her own poem with the help of AI, student learns about American poets, student learns about Croatian poets Preparation time: (How much time is needed to prepare this activity): 20 minutes needed to familiarise with Verse to verse Teaching time:(How long the activity lasts). 2 classes (around 90 minutes), but the activity can stretch up to 4 classes if the students are into art and poetry (they can have a class debate after the first two classes on value of poetry and art in general in today's society) Materials needed: (List tools, links and resources required for the implementation of the activity): https://sites.research.google/versebyverse/ a large paper for students' poems or a digital tool in which they can publish their work Age of students: 15-19 Other relevant remarks: (e.g. prior knowledge, number of students, is the activity suited for hybrid/online/physical classroom): the activity can both be done online or in a physical classroom, the students should have some prior knowledge of literature and poetry (learned in Croatian literature classes), activity can be done with larger groups of students, as well as with smaller classes (can be done in pairs or groups if there are not enough computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones) Explain how to prepare for the activity: Introduce the students to Verse by verse and ask them to do some background research into one of Croatian poets • Explain each step of the activity, describing what is carried out by the teacher, what the students are required to do, and what the outcomes of each step are As a warm up activity, do brainstorming with your students about the words and phrases which they associate with poetry. Then discuss some of the most famous Croatian and foreign poets. As a pre-task, ask your students to choose one Croatian and one English speaking poet and try to find similarities and differences between them. In class, students present their authors and the class can vote on the best analysis. The next step is to work with Verse by verse where students first discuss the poets that they are familiar with and then each student chooses one American author, reads his/ her biography and a short poem by the author. In the next step of the activity, students choose the poetic form, syllable count, rhyme and then the aplication helps them with the writing suggesting the poetic form and the above mentioned elements which the poet they had previously decided on, used in his/her work. The students are given enough time to work on their poem and when the entire class is done, the students can present their work on a poster (paper) or can present it using a digital tool (Canva, Padlet, Lino....). After that, students are invited to make infographics about the entire experience, they can include all the work they had previously done on poets.