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Oppilaat ohjelmoivat päivittäin välitunneilla ja kerran viikossa kerhossa EV3-robotteja suorittamaan autonomisesti mahdollisimman monta CITY SHAPER -kauden tehtävää.


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Animate a Name - coding activity in Latvian

Wed, Oct 13, 2021 11:00 AM

Learn about computer science and then use sequencing, events, and loops to animate a name. Students pick a name or word and bring the letters to life through animation, sound, and music.<br/><br/> This activity is best suited for children the age of 9-14. Laptops are needed, tablets or mobile phones do not work well for this activity. <br/><br/> <a href="">Register here</a>

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Nut Room

Thu, Apr 1, 2021 12:00 AM

This activity is based on the idea of integrating technology into other subjects. The students are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Chapter 24: Veruca in the Nut Room. In the story the remaining children are shown to a special room where squirrels are used to crack open walnuts and then tap them to see if they are ‘good’ nuts or ‘bad’ nuts. Veruca decides that she wants a squirrel and enters the room. She is attacked by the squirrels and after they decide she is a ‘bad’ nut, is tossed down the rubbish chute. If Willy Wonka’s factory were to be built today, AI would certainly be used. Not only in the Nut room but also around the factory. The following AI experiment can be used to sort different types of nuts or seeds. The students need to decide what will constitute a good nut and what will constitute a bad nut. Different groups may have different ideas about this. Using: Ask the students to first build their sorting machine. Follow the step by step instructions on the website. The design for the sorting machine can also be tweaked to make it appear more Willy Wonka like. Using 2 different types of nuts or seeds train your computer to recognise the ‘good’ nuts from the ‘bad’ nuts. • How accurate is your machine? • How can you improve the accuracy? • How did you decide what was a good nut and what was a bad nut? • Is the computer recognising the good from the bad, by colour, size or shape? • Is your computer more accurate if different colours are used? • How important is size? Will your nuts travel along the machine if they are to big or to heavy? • Does the computer recognise if a nut isn’t whole? • Is it possible to trick the machine? Conclusion: How difficult was it to train your machine? Did your machine work in the way you expected it to? Do you think Willy Wonka would use AI in his amazing factory? An additional exercise could be to ask the students to design a machine for Mr Wonka’s factory based on the Tiny Sorter.

Programuojame visi!

Sun, Sep 26, 2021 8:00 AM

Visi norintys susipažinti su algoritmavimo bei programavimo principais kviečiami dalyvauti IT pamokose bei kūrybinėse dirbtuvėse. Renginių metu kiekvienas galės pasirinkti kokias veiklas norėtų išbandyti: algoritmuoti ar programuoti. Programuojantys galės pasirinkti ir programavimo kalbą (c++, Python! ar Java Script). Darbai bus įkelti į internetinę padlet lentą.