Dissemination Activity ESA Workshop

Organized by:

School No 1 Mizil

Happening at:
Scoala Gimnaziala Nr1 Mizil, Prahova Str.Mihai Bravu Nr. 104

From Sunday 10th of February 2019 at 00:00 to Friday 19th of April 2019 at 00:00


Between 21 and 23 November, I participated in a robotics workshop organized by ESA, Belgium. During the workshop I participated in classroom activities, we made robots using LEGO WeDO hardware and software and used them for " a mission on Mars. "The workshop also featured Astro Pi, a Raspberry Pi computer used for programming in a space context. We have had an extraordinary experience of learning through discovery and experimentation. The Romanian team has worked with Greek and Portuguese teachers. After attending the workshop, I became more aware of the importance of studying cosmic space. I will carry out activities to promote the benefits of space and spatial education where students and teachers will learn about astronaut craft, a planetarium, an astronomical observer, and how to build its own rover.

This event is for:
  • Elementary school students
  • Employed adults
Main themes:
  • Robotics
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February 2019
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