Coding stories

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1st kindergarten Pylos

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1st Kindergarten Pylos, Πύλος Νέστωρ, Ελλάδα

From Tuesday 25th of September 2018 at 12:00 to Thursday 20th of December 2018 at 12:00


Coding Stories is an eTwinning project which is about introducing and practising coding through stories we read or learn about at school or in kindergarten. The activities can be done without computers, with robots or coding apps.

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This event is for:
  • Pre-school children
Main themes:
  • Unplugged activities
  • Visual/Block programming
  • GR-Keramida-511
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September 2018
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Students in our school are novice in Coding, therefore the aim of this event is to introduce 12-year-old students to coding. This will be achieved by using CodyRoby offline games, so as to engage in computerional thinking.
Start: Oct 7, 2019
Students of the school know how to program the Lego Mindstorms EV3 with its native environment. During the EU Code week they will try to program it using the popular text-based programming language Python. In particular: the Lego smart brick will boot with a preconfigured SD card with the O.S. EV3Dev. The students then will program it to move and make specific tasks the teacher will give them.
Start: Oct 7, 2019
students in pairs.Two pairs share a board divided in squares.On the board there are pictures of the human organs that are necessary for digestion.Each pair has a deck of RobyCody cards .The aim is to program a plastic food to take the right route all the way in the human body during digestion(teeth, oesophagus e.t.c).The first team to do it correctly is the winner.
Start: Oct 16, 2019
In collaboration with Code Club Cois Barry, we will make an event where every ninja will create a scratch animation sharing information about his/her dojo.
Start: May 26, 2019