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16. Follow the music

When sequences of programming instructions repeat themselves periodically, it is as if they have a rhythm. If we associate a sound with each instruction, we can guide Roby with music. This is precisely what we will do this time. I will create a program for you using different sounds to represent different instructions, and you will move Roby around the board by following these sound-based instructions.

Required material: in addition to the CodyRoby cards, the chequered board and the pawn, we need to make three different sounds. I used three glasses filled with different amounts of water, what will you use?


Q1. Try to follow the video and be guided by the sounds that the glasses produce, without looking at the cards. Can you recognise and execute the instructions made by the sounds?

Q2. Choose three sounds to associate with the three basic instructions. Come up with a sequence of sounds that you could repeat endlessly without ever leading Roby off the board...

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