EU Code Week Podcast: ESA Coding Challenges

In this chapter, EU Code Week meets the European Space Agency, ESA on Education. Listen to discover what made the ESA Educators join this task, how ESA sees that SPACE can transform Education in Europe, by educating students from primary school to PHD level with challenging coding tasks and ways to make your projects (literally) be launched into SPACE. ESA shares how digital skills can be applied to something that seems as unreachable as space and by participating in one challenge be engaged to the topic of space forever, even for people that studied Humanities. The way ESA educates aims to enriching technologically our society, for students interested in STEM and beyond. ESA Education is about raising good citizens, preparing people to take the best decisions and to understand that SPACE and Science are topics that relate to all of us, and not only the technology and coding enthusiast.

About our guest

  • Clara Cruz Niggebrugge

    Clara Cruz began her career at the European Space Agency (ESA) 22 years ago, soon after graduating with a degree in mathematics from Portugal. Initially working in coding for an international consultancy company, her passion for space and science drove her to seek opportunities at ESA. Clara's fascination with astronomy began in her youth, despite the limited coverage of space and science in Portugal at the time. Her enduring dream has been to explore and understand the vast mysteries of the solar system.

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This podcast has been released on 21st of June 2024