EU Code Week Podcast: Coding Olympiad & Cyprus Computer History Museum

Though boys and girls use technology similarly regarding learning how to code, male students have always constituted the majority of students in this topic area. Recently, various initiatives and some very smart educators pushing for more girls in coding are tackling this gender gap and gender levelling up in the CODING FIELD. In today’s chapter, we discover the EGOI, the European Girls’ Olympiad in Informatics, on the verge of its 2023 edition in Sweden. Then we head over to Cyprus to learn about the Cyprus Computer History Museum, a computing museum that feeds off female role models in the history of science and technology!

About our guests

  • Alexandros Kofteros

    Co-founder of the Cyprus Computer History Museum

  • Julia Mårtensson

    Vice Project Leader of the European Girls Olympiad in Informatics

Useful Resources

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This podcast has been released on 13th of July 2023