EU Code Week Podcast: Testing and developing new learning environments in schools

The episode will reflect on the role and purpose of schools and the need for more flexibility in the learning process, as well as the importance of supporting schools in the process of adjusting to the new normality. It will also dive into how necessary AI and tech skills are, as well as a brief warm-up question on how to start teaching coding without any prior programming experience.

About our guest

  • Sampo Forsström (Finland)

    Sampo Forsström works as a teacher trainer, teaching coding and robotics to student teachers. Last year he took part in the Digieduhack and he did a workshop with kids at the Future Classroom Lab, where he also works. You can find him on twitter @SampoF and @FclabFi or in other platforms: UEF Connect - LinkedIn - www

Useful Resources

This podcast has been released on 21st of June 2022