EU Code Week Ambassadors



Oana Sipos

Romanian currently living in Belgium. Rails developer and Rails Girls events organizer (Brussels, Cluj, Timi┼čoara). Languages geek. I believe coding can help us develop as a continent in so many ways. Nobody said it was easy, but bit by bit we'll get there.

Stefania Ioana Chiorean

Long time FOSS contributor, Mozilla Rep and Mentor. Webmaker. Working in IT field for more than 9y now. I consider coding and web knowledge as a main skills for the future that everyone needs to have or at least understand. #webliteracy #codingasliteracy

Cristiana Lucaci

Business Informatics Graduate, based in Bucharest, Romania. I work as a Technical Engineer in Cloud technologies within Microsoft and besides that I am a passionate youth worker for more than 3 years now within GEYC Romania. At the moment I am part of the management team of TURN Online KA2 Strategic Partnership, an international program organized in the frame of Erasmus+ whose aim is to bring digitalization closer to youth organizations. Moreover I have a great interest towards discovering potential in young people and actively contributing to their success.