Vanessa Vorteil

I work as a product owner in the field of information technology and study Human Computer Interaction in Tallinn, Estonia. Currently I am also teaching students about UI and UX. Previously, I have taught students in basic school and in secondary school about programming, design and entrepreneurship. Occasionally, I also helps to organise IT workshops for secondary school students. I has also been a co-ambassador for Estonia back in 2015.

Elise-Marit Kippar

I have a lot of experience in the field of education, having worked as a teacher and as a coordinator of international educational projects. For the past few years, I have also been involved with technology and IT – for example, I helped to coordinate different activities to support teachers’ digital literacy and helped to increase students’ interest for programming. I have helped to coordinate Code Week workshops in Estonia since 2016.

Mari-Liis Peets

I have been working in the IT education field since 2010. I used to lead the Estonian national coding programme called ProgeTiiger and I have been Code Week ambassador since 2015. I worked as an Education Category Lead in Insplay, a leading distributor and e-trader of educational toys, robotics and games in Estonia. At the moment I am a producer in VIVISTOP Telliskivi, a creativity accelerator for kids and youths (vivita.ee/en). I am also LEGO Education Academy certified teacher trainer. I love technology, robotics, STEAM skills, and the maker movement :)

Kristine Asu

I have been working in the education field for more than 5 years. In TalTech Mektory School of Technology our aim was to demonstrate how exciting science and technology really is by organizing courses, workshops, camps and student competitions. I have also worked at primary school for 2 years in Trondheim Norway, where I managed to improve my teaching skills and get some experience working at school. Currently, I'm working for HITSA as ProgetTiger program assistant.

Kirke Kasari

Most of my adult life I’ve worked for youngsters in non-formal education field. I’ve been a youth worker in Estonia and Australia. I’ve also worked as a project manager and later on a manager for one of the oldest and biggest youth centres in Estonia. It’s not until I started a programme called “Vali-IT”, I got more interested in programming and software development. For some reason I always thought that I wasn’t cut out for the field but learning basic Java coding in six weeks proved me wrong – anyone can do it if you work hard and put your mind to it! At the moment I’m working for Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) as a ProgeTiger project manager which is a technology programme widely targeted at engineering sciences, design & technology and information & communication technology (ICT).