From Saturday, October 9, 2021 12:00 AM
to Sunday, October 24, 2021 12:00 AM


Open in-person activity


Arad, ROU


CNVG Arad aims to gather around this event as many students from Arad County (and not only), who take the first steps in programming, guided by their teachers, through activities on various platforms: Scratch,, Open Roberta, Thinkercad, MachineLearningforKids, TensorFlow, CS First, Grasshopper and others.
This project aims to introduce students to the basics of visual coding or textual coding and to actively involve them with engaging online activities. By creating their own project, they will demystify this new technology and gain a more accurate understanding of the potentials and limitations of algorithms and the importance of using not only quantity but also quality data.
The first steps in visual coding based on the platform. Development of critical thinking, imagination and logical-mathematical skills by creating an individual project in the platform. Activities recommended for students from 10 to 16 years old. Passionate about IT or you don't have a place among us. The challenge will be to turn math, physics, logic problems into games through visual programming and more.
Putting the same problem in parallel (for example: the “Guess the number” game - the halving method) by programming in 3 applications: Scratch - C++ - python.

CNVG Arad isi propune ca in jurul acestui eveniment sa se stragna cat mai multi elevi din judetul Arad (si nu numai), care fac primii pasi in programare, indrumati de profesorii lor, prin activitati de pe diverse platforme: Scratch,, Open Roberta, Thinkercad, MachineLearningforKids, TensorFlow, CS First, Grasshopper precum si altele.

Acest proiect își propune să introducă studenții în elementele de bază ale codarii vizuale sau codarii textuale și să îi implice activ cu activități online antrenante. Prin crearea propriului proiect, vor demitifica această nouă tehnologie și vor dobândi o înțelegere mai precisă a potențialelor și limitărilor algoritmilor și a importanței utilizării nu numai a cantității, ci și a datelor de calitate.

Primii pasi in codare vizuala bazata pe platforma Dezvolatarea gandirii critice, a imaginatiei si a abilitatilor logico-matematice prin creearea unui proiect individual in platforma Activitati recomandate elevilor de la 10 la 16 ani. Pasioant de IT sau nu-ai un loc printre noi. Provocarea va fi de a transforma probleme de matematica, fizica, logica in jocuri prin programare vizuala si nu numai.

Punerea in paralel a aceleiasi probleme (de exemplu: jocul “Ghisceste numarul”-metoda injumatatirii) prin programarea in 3 aplicatii Scratch-C++-python.

    Primary school Secondary school Other (see description) Teachers
    Basic programming concepts Robotics Playful coding activities Visual/Block programming Artificial intelligence
    #codeweek 2021 ARAD CNVG #CodeWeekBootcamp

Nearby upcoming activities:

Micii creatori
Sun, Nov 6, 2022 8:00 AM
Vom experimenta din perspectiva programatorilor unui joc, dar si din perspectiva roboteilor, apoi vom crea propriile noastre joculete.
Robot - what I know?
Sun, Oct 24, 2021 8:00 AM

1st graders will be pass online interactive presentation about robots.

My friend robot
Sun, Oct 9, 2022 12:00 AM

Student's activities:

- decide than want to participate

- get introduced with robots parts: costume and brain

- they will write what they know about robots and ask questions that they want to learn more

- they will make their robots from different materials and dissolve problems that they will have in that process with the help of experts adults ( teachers, parents, other adults...)

- they will make costumes for robots and then block coding micro: bit computers according to their one plans with the help of the teacher

- they will take dairy about their project, writing down what was good, what they need to improve or make it better

- they will use it for different classes and activities

- they will take pictures as proof for their dairy and exhibition in the school hall

- they will present products of their work online and for other peers and parents

- they will give an evaluation of their work and the work of their peers. 

Teacher activities:

Mentoring, consulting, help, reality checker, time managing, describing, person to talk to... 

Join us.