11th — 17th October #codeEU

All around Europe, people are making apps, websites and lots of other things by learning to code.

Join them at one of many events and clubs taking place when Code Week returns this year.

Why learn to code?

In a world where we're surrounded by technology, and where so many of our interactions we have are with computers, learning to code helps us understand how these services work.

What's more, learning to code gives us a powerful way to explore our ideas and make things, both for work and play.

Get involved

If your code club or group is meeting during Code Week, add your events to the coding map of Europe. Not yet part of a group? Organize a Code Week event in your area! We've prepared a #codeEU Toolkit for organizers and a list of resources to get you started.

Community groups, schools, companies and non-profits are all welcome to run a Code Week event. And while October 11 - 17 will be the biggest celebration of coding across Europe, we're looking forward to activities throughout the year.

Have questions? Get in touch with EU Code Week Ambassadors in your country and find out more about how to volunteer, or even sponsor a local event.

Spread the word

We're regularly showcasing your coding stories on our blog. And you can get involved in Code Week discussions on Twitter - there's regular updates at @CodeWeekEU and under the hashtag #codeEU.

You can also subscribe to our email updates, where we're sending out occasional Code Week news.