Bring your ideas to life!

Do you dream of creating the next big app? Do you know how innovative tech solutions can help your school, town, and region? If you want to be an entrepreneur or have a killer idea to pitch to the world but you don’t know where to start, then your waiting is at an end!

The EU Code Week Hackathon begins with a challenge to develop a code that solves a real-life challenge in just 24-hours. The 10 most successful teams will then receive training and mentoring from experts in this field, in order to prepare them for the second and final round, from which the ultimate winner will be selected. The lucky team will win further coaching and mentoring of their ideas and cool IT equipment. The winning team will also secure a spot at the European pitch where all the hackathon winners will present their ideas to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021.

The EU Code Week hackathon is sure to fuel your curiosity, inspire your creativity, encourage your entrepreneurial spirit, and bring your ideas to life.

What to expect?

  • Expert coaching
  • Skills workshops
  • Fun activities
  • The chance to meet likeminded individuals
  • The chance to win mentoring and coaching, as well as IT equipment
  • The chance to join the final hackathon and meet the best of the best, in person!
17-18 April 2021

Practical Info

The hackathon will take place online from 9:30 April 17 to 17:00 April 18
The Hackathon is free of charge.


The EU Code Week hackathon has three distinct rounds.
  1. The 24-hour online hackathon. Out of all those competing, only 10 teams will be chosen to remain in the competition.
  2. Free online training and mentoring for all 10 teams, during summer 2021.
  3. The final round: the physical hackathon. 10 teams will have all received equal training in the second round, but only one will win. Secondary school students aged 15-19 will compete in teams to solve a ‘local challenge’ selected from proposals submitted ahead of the first round.
In 2021, EU Code Week brings six extraordinary hackathons and invites students aged 15-19 in upper secondary school to form teams and use their coding skills to solve a local challenge. After 24 hours of hacking, each team will pitch their ideas to a panel of experts who will choose the 10 final teams. All teams will have the same amount of time, resources, and access to mentors and expertise in order to complete the challenge, but only 10 will get the chance to continue to the next round, develop their prototype, get expert coaching and take part in the final hackathon in the autumn. In the final the teams will battle it out to decide who wins IT accessories and the chance of mentoring and coaching to further develop their prototype.

Your team is not guaranteed a place in the second round even if you successfully solve the challenge. Remember you are in competition with the other teams and the jury will take your method, use of time and quality of the prototype into consideration to select the successful candidates!

If your team is one of the 10 finalists, you can work on your idea over the summer. To assist you, we will offer you free trainings for development and UX Design. Your team will also get the help of a mentor who ensures that you are on the right path.

The 10 finalist teams will meet face-to-face in a 12-hour hackathon on X (which will take place online if the public health situation does not allow for a physical meet-up). Here teams will compete to be the nation’s best young hackers and get the chance to win prizes such as cool IT equipment as well as further coaching and mentoring of their ideas.

Each national winner will face-off in a European clash of titans where each winning team will pitch their solution to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021. The European champion will, besides the glory, win additional IT equipment.

Jury & Mentors

Imagine being in a virtual room full of designers, developers, creators, coders and business mentors, all with the same curiosity and drive as you. EU Code Week Hackathon Ireland brings together leading figures from the Worlds of business, IT, venture capital, education, as well as local, national and EU leaders, influencers and coaches to guide and support you and your team during this intensive marathon.

Diana Ghitun

Diana Maria Ghitun is a MSc. Computer Science graduate from King's College London. Since university she had the opportunity to work in several environments, from fin tech startups to big companies, and the research industry as well.

At the moment, she works as a Senior Software Engineer at Take Off Labs in Cluj Napoca, where she found a new passion for Ruby on Rails and React Native.

Elena Simion

I am a proactive and curious person, a self-starter, with a desire to go extra mile, gain new insights and experiences in a dynamic environment.

I really like to work with different generations that think and act differently than me. In this way I can gain new perspectives and fresh ideas.

George Dita

George founded and leads WiseUp, a product prototyping agency. George uses Lean Startup, Design Thinking & Data Science techniques in his work, to help entrepreneurs and executives make data driven decisions.

Previously he designed and led multiple startup accelerators, coached startups & enterprises.

Ioana Alexandru

My name is Ioana Alexandru. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in computer graphics while working at Google - it’s a real challenge, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I had two internships (summer ‘18 and ‘19) which made me fall in love with the Google culture, and finally joined as a part-time software engineer in Nov ‘20.

Within Google, I work on search infrastructure, and outside of it I dabble with Unity and Flutter development. In my spare time, I love gaming (PC, Oculus, Switch) and riding horses.

Ioana Blaga

Entrepreneur, Program Manager and  Software Quality Advocate.

10+ years of experience for various projects types, curious learner and passionate about finding innovative solutions.

Irina Bejan

A data scientist at core, based in Switzerland, doing a software engineering internship at Google. Very passionate about startups, being a startup manager for the EPFL Entrepreneur Club, and leading a student investment team as a Managing Partner for Wingman Campus Fund.

Activist for women in tech, leading Girls Who Code Iasi until last year.

Cristina Adreescu

I am CS teacher and I love what I'm doing. Basically I am CS Engineer. I've been teaching for the last 30 years. I am teaching at High-School, Vocational and Technical Schools. I am Cisco Academy instructor and national trainer. 

I am teaching C++, Java, Oracle SQL and Robotics but I also like hardware and networking. I like challenges, I love to work in projects with my students and I always want to learn something new.

Laurentiu Gabriel Ghergu

Solution architect with over 10 years of experience developing enterprise grade mission critical software applications. Currently focusing on designing cloud computing and robotic process automation solutions for various industries.

Leader of the IBM Technical Expert Council in Romania and the IBM Developer meetups program in the CEE.  Passionate intrapreneur and hackathon organizer.

Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa

Software developer and technology passionate- I enjoy building and delivering quality, all the while trying to have fun as much as possible. I am a perceptive and innovative individual that's not afraid to exploit its best version and go the extra mile outside the comfort zone of conventional.

This exact desire, of getting out of the comfort zone, led me in the last years to changing the context from full-stack, frontend, API design to technical leadership and architecture.

Side events

In connection with the hackathon, there will be workshops for beginners in coding, tinkering with hardware and robotics and so on for participants to learn some basics of computational thinking and coding. From April to September, we are organising side events with our amazing partners of the EU Code Week Hackathons and it’s free to take part! Check out the different activities and register to get the link.

Animate a name

Are you between 9 to 14 and eager to know more about computer programming? This workshop is for you! You will create, have fun and quickly acquire some coding skills. With just a handful of blocks and a few clicks, you can make a 'sprite' (character) dance, talk, or animate it in a variety of ways. In addition, the computer science concepts we will be using in Scratch for CS First can be applied to other advanced programming languages such as Python or Java.
Register, and participate in this activity and you will be able to:
  • Use a block-based programming language
  • Master important computer science concepts such as events, sequences and loops
  • Create an animation project in Scratch for CS First
Date: Wednesday 12 May, 14:00 -> click here to register !
More information:

Creative Coding Workshop

Learn the basics of Python with imagiLabs' creative coding tools! Perfect for kids aged 9-15, this 1.5 hour workshop for beginners will take coders from lighting up one pixel at a time to making colourful animations.
Date: Saturday 5 June, 15:00 -> click here to register !
Download the free imagiLabs app on your iOS or Android device to get started today. No imagiCharms needed -- come to the virtual workshop as you are!

Robotics Training Series by MakeX/MakeBlock

MakeX, a global robotics competition platform presents a comprehensive series of educational robotics training to teachers and mentors who are interested in practical learning, STEAM education, programming and robotics competitions for students of all ages using cutting-edge software and hardware like mBot2, laserbox and mBlock5.
From introduction to robotics, programming and hardware construction to award-winning mentor sharing, you will dive into the process of project-based learning and how to organize students to use completions platforms to solve real world problems. Teachers organizing robotics curriculums at school are welcome and will benefit from a deeper understanding of programming, computational thinking, pedagogical concepts, robot hardware, and troubleshooting techniques.
Robotics Training Series 1 - Introduction to Robotics and Robotics Competitions by MakeX/MakeBlock
Date: 1st June, 11:00 CEST -> click here to register !
Robotics Training Series 2 - Programming and Hardware Construction by MakeX/MakeBlock
Date: 3rd June, 11:00 CEST -> click here to register !
Robotics Training Series 3 – Award-winning Mentor Sharing by MakeX/MakeBlock
Date: 8th June, 11:00 CEST -> click here to register !
More information:

Our Partners


EU Code Week (#CodeWeek) is a grassroots movement run by volunteers to promote digital literacy through activities linked to coding and computer science. It inspires and engages people to explore new ideas and innovation for the future. Activities for EU Code Week take place all over the world between 9 and 24 October.

The idea of the EU Code Week Hackathon is to show how concrete solutions come to life with the help of young people’s creativity, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and coding skills. The hackathons are created and co-organised by the European Commission and local EU Code Week Ambassadors The initiative is financed by the European Parliament

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