CodeWeekEU 2015 Storytelling and Video Contest

EU Code Week 2018

Europe Code Week ambassadors encourage all event organizers to tell their CodeWeek stories by making short videos and sharing them on YouTube.

The CodeWeekEU-2015 Video Contest provides an additional motivation to share and promote the videos in order to keep raising awareness of the importance of computational thinking beyond Code Week.

You can take participate with three kinds of videos:

The "Ode to code" is an open source music made to celebrate Europe Code Week 2015. It can be freely added as a sound track to your videos, or remixed to make your own sound track. All the resources you need for your project are available on

How to participate

To take part in the video contest:

  1. Make your video
  2. Upload your video to YouTube (using your own channel)
  3. Fill in and submit the online form providing the short URL of your video and the country and category it belongs to. In case your video refers to a CodeWeek event or to a Scratch project, provide also the URL of the event or of the project.
  4. Update the description of your video following the instructions in the confirmation e-mail
  5. Keep on having fun with coding, music, and dance!


The first round of the contest ended on October 31, 2015, but videos can be submitted (and liked) until December 31, 2015 to take part in the second round! The most popular videos (those with most views, likes, and comments on YouTube by the end of the contest) will be displayed on Europe Code Week website.

The most popular videos in each country will be awarded with official certificates.

Additional prizes can be offered by sponsors.