Over 100 opportunities to learn coding all over Europe!

EU Code Week 2018

Over 100 opportunities to learn coding all over Europe!

Europe wants to code! At the time of writing, the Coding Map of Europe already features over 60 events that will be taking place between November 25 - 30, this year’s first Europe Code Week. On top of that, there are almost 50 other initiatives that can help you learn more about computer programming throughout the year.

Europe Code Map, November 8, 2013

Last week we highlighted Ireland’s Code Week efforts, with over 200 organizations already on the #codeEU train.

This week, the honorable mention goes to Croatia. The Croatian Code Week, with its own Facebook page, currently has 16 confirmed Code Week events all over the country. The events are mostly aimed at elementary school students, with more than 800 students and teachers participating. We’re pretty sure they can easily break the magic 1,000 barrier if they keep up the pace!

800 in Croatian Code Week

Big thanks and kudos to Ivana Ružić, Croatian Code Week ambassador and teacher of informatics at the I.osnovna škola Čakovec, who’s leading the charge and putting Croatia, the youngest EU member state, on the coding map.

Don’t forget that you can still put your own event, coding club or other initiative on the map. After you add your event to the map, make sure to send us the info about the event either via email or a GitHub Pull Request, so we can also feature it on your country’s page.